MacGyverisms World is the home of ingenious creative hacks that will get you out of a bind, or simply make your life better—on the cheap. Come join our community to share your own MacGyverisms!

MacGyverisms gets its name from the one and only MacGyver, master of ingenuity during life-or-death crises. His resourcefulness combined with his knowledge of chemistry, physics, technology, and survivalism enables him to create ingenious inventions to live another day.

As everyday people, we may not find ourselves in life-or-death situations, but we can still use MacGyverisms to deal with the random problems we face on a daily basis. So, this World is dedicated to clever problem solving using only the tools and materials immediately available to you.

Got some of your own MacGyverisms?

Join now and share a how-to to our community inspiration section, or simply show off your idea in a picture or video. We all have a little bit of MacGyver in us, and we can't wait to see some of the MacGyverisms you've concocted.

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