How To: Extend the Life of Your Disposable Razors & Keep Them Sharp

Extend the Life of Your Disposable Razors & Keep Them Sharp

Early in the morning, there's almost nothing worse than discovering your razor is dull midway through your pre-work routine. No matter how hard you try to preserve those precious blades, it can seem like they're dull every time you reach for the razor. With one, seconds-long step after each use, you can save your razor blades and make them last longer.

Stay Sharp with Pure Alcohol

Extending the life of your razor blades only takes a quick splash of liquid. Simply rinse your razor blade with rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol after each shave to keep them sharp and free of rust. According to Wisebread, alcohol also helps sanitize the blades, removing any bacteria that could be causing breakout and other blemishes to form.

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This method may, however, destroy those fancy moisture or lotion strips on many disposable blades. If you need a bit of extra moisture with your now-smoother shave, you can always pile on lotion or moisturizer at the end of every shave.

We suggest, instead of keeping your blade soaked in rubbing alcohol all day long, dip it in for a few minutes, then dry the blade. Simply drying the blade usually keeps any rust from forming and dulling blades, and dipping it in rubbing alcohol beforehand only makes it better.

Preventing Dullness Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

Alcohol isn't the only way to keep your razor blades shaving smoothly. Simply taking a few seconds to wipe your razor dry or switch shaving creams can help prevent rust and tough skin from getting in the way.

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If you're more dedicated to your razor, you can try a more unique approach to really keep those blades perfect. Rubbing razor blades on an old pair of jeans, or any denim fabric, will smooth out uneven bumps in the metal and keep your skin cut-free. You can also try a mineral or baby oil soak, which keeps dullness at bay in a manner similar to alcohol.

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No matter the razor blade preservation method you choose, it's important to maintain a clean, rust-free shaving tool. Disposable or pricey, simple hacks can save you extra dollars spent.

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I have tried teh Jeans material trick! it WORKS.
you will note better stroking in 1 direction vs the other direction.
adding some Jewerlers Rosin or Rubbing compound to the jeans will improve it greatly!

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