How To: Rock Your Next Summer Party (10 Insane Tricks for the Perfect Backyard Bash)

Rock Your Next Summer Party (10 Insane Tricks for the Perfect Backyard Bash)

Parties are a great way to celebrate and have fun with your good friends, so to make sure your next party rocks, I've assembled some of the biggest life-hackers on YouTube to bring you 10 outrageous party tricks your guests will not forget.

All these YouTubers posted full videos of their hacks on their own channels as well. You can watch all the videos below, or follow the links to visit them on YouTube and subscribe. Note that the numbers below correspond with their positions in my roundup video above.

  1. Brusspup's Glowing Ice Cubes: Ice cubes that glow in the dark; you can view some of Brusspup's other content here on WonderHowTo.
Note that this video still works, but the thumbnail image is not working.
  1. Kipkay's Star Spangled Hammock: A July Fourth-themed hammock made with duct tape; you can check out some other Kipkay hacks here on WonderHowTo.
  1. Night Hawk In Light's Giant Bubbles: He also has a detailed guide on his WonderHowTo page here.
  1. + 9. Steve Spangler's Backyard Science Tricks: An instant soda dispenser that makes 6 drinks at once, plus turn a trash can into a rocket with liquid nitrogen.
  1. NurdRage's Light a BBQ Like a Chemist: Start a charcoal barbecue with potassium chlorate and sugar; check out some older NurdRage hacks here on WonderHowTo.
  1. + 7. Scam School's Drink Tricks: Prank your friends with a foaming beer toast and supercool your beers.
  1. Household Hacker's Terracotta Grill: For when you don't have a real grill, pots work just fine.
  1. Grant Thompson's Dragon Smoke Snacks: Make snacks that get your guests smoking like dragons.

If you like these projects, make sure to follow everyone's YouTube channels, and for more of my hacks, you can visit or my WonderHowTo page.

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