How To: Refill an Air Duster Can with a Bicycle Pump

Refill an Air Duster Can with a Bicycle Pump

In this life hack video, I am going to show you how you can refill your air duster can with a bicycle pump.

Step 1: Items Needed

All you need is an empty air can, some liquid metal epoxy, and a tank valve similar to what is used on a bicycle tire. You will also need a drill and 3/8" bit.

Step 2: Make Sure Can Is 100% Empty

Start off by making sure there is no air left in the can. We really don't want to start drilling the can while it's pressurized.

Step 3: Use 3/8" Drill Bit

Next, choose a drill bit that matches the width of the air valve. Mine happened to need a 3/8" drill bit.

Step 4: Thread Valve into Hole

I decided to install the valve further down the can to keep it out of the way. Once the hole is made, you should be able to thread the valve right into the hole.

Step 5: Mix Liquid Metal Epoxy

Now it's time to seal it up with the liquid metal epoxy. I cut the end from a Q-tip to mix the 2-part solution together. The Q-tip also made it real easy to apply the epoxy directly to he valve.

The instructions say it cures in 8 minuets, but I let it cure for a few hours. This stuff is rated for 3500 PSI, so it's complete overkill, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Step 6: Connect Air Pump

Go ahead and attach a bicycle pump to the valve and let's add some air!

The recommended pressure rating on this can was 70-90 PSI, so let's keep this extra safe and only fill it up to 60.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed my quick little life hack.

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