How To: Make a Mini Grill Out of a Wire Hanger & Foil Pans

Make a Mini Grill Out of a Wire Hanger & Foil Pans

It is a beautiful, yet scorching day here in Los Angeles, and the only reason I would ever step outside from my air-conditioned castle would be to grill out by the pool. There's just one problem: backyards are few and far between here in The City of Angels.

But not having space, or the equipment, isn't going to stop me. There are plenty of ways to make a large grill out of various things, but those of you who are lone wolves and frequently make dinner for one, I have your back too. You can make a mini makeshift grill, working off a variation of the Bitty-Q, thanks to an easy tutorial from CrazyRussianHacker.

What You'll Need

How to Build It

  1. Take the foil pans and put them together, turning the top pan upside down.
  1. Cut two slits in the back side of the pans and clip the binder clips where the slits are. Put one binder clip on the top pan.
  1. Take a wire hanger, cut it, and make a zig zag pattern out of the wire using pliers.
  1. Cut a triangle into the sides of the top pan, with four slits on the front and three triangles on the back of the bottom pan for ventilation.
  1. Add charcoal to the grill and a couple chips, which will help start and maintain the fire until the charcoal gets going.
  1. Light the chips, and when the charcoal burns, add the wire hanger and a hot dog.
  1. Close the grill and wait about five minutes.

Boom! Now you've got a perfect little BBQ for one that's as easy to clean as it was to make.

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