Step 1: Keeping It Fresh

It's time to feed the pup pup! We all know dogs will just keep eating if you let them. So, as a responsible owner you will only give them enough to satisfy them. What to do with the rest of the dog food still in the can? You grab a balloon and fill it with air but don't tie it. Place the balloon over the opening of the can. Put one hand on top of the balloon and slowly let the air out. The balloon will wrap around the opening of the can and now you can save the rest of the food for another feeding frenzy! Note: You can use this hack for human food too!

Step 2: Claim Your Drink

This situation has happened to all of us at one point during a place your drink down, walk away and on your return you realize you don't know which drink is yours. Sometimes, you make an exception when family is around but this time you are surrounded by strangers. Dun dun duuuun! No need to stress! Grab your can of soda, cup, or bottle, and turn it upside down. (Before you open or fill your container, of course!) Inflate a balloon and don't tie it. Place the balloon on top. Put your hand on top of the balloon and slowly let the air out. Now you know which drink is yours throughout the whole party!

Step 3: Extra Grip

It's time to eat and you need to open a jar to finish your amazing recipe. You try to twist the lid open and your hands keep slipping. You finally get a grip but its sealed tightly. You bang the bottom of the jar to release some pressure but of course it doesn't help. Grab a balloon and inflate but don't tie it. Place the balloon on top of the lid and slowly release the air. You just added some extra grip so you can remove the lid. Now you can reap the benefits of finishing your delicious recipe!

Step 4: Party Coasters

Back to the party scenario: but this time we want to eliminate moisture from all the drinks placed on the furniture. Who wants water rings or what I like to call bottle sweat leave-behinds? Not I! Grab all the old CDs you have and put them to use. Find an assortment of different color balloons. Inflate one balloon and grab one CD. Place the balloon on a surface and place the CD on top of the balloon. Slowly release the air out of the balloon while maintaining the CD in the center of the balloon while you push down. The balloon will wrap around the CD and now you have some simple colorful coasters for those pesky bottle sweats!

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