How To: Keep Cool Outside with This Overhead DIY Water Misting Rack

Keep Cool Outside with This Overhead DIY Water Misting Rack

Summer is here, and with the season comes more freedom and searing heat. It's the ultimate between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place situation. You want to be outside and enjoy the sun, but you don't want to be over-powered by it. Thankfully, you can create makeshift misters on the cheap to enjoy the summer heat right on your deck.

Okay, now set aside the fact that Kipkay's video above was basically an ad for Mike's Lemonade, because it doesn't change the fact of how awesomely "cool" this summer hack is.

What You'll Need

How to Build It

  1. You can make the pipe as long or as short as you would like, just be sure to cut it to your desired length carefully.
  1. Draw a straight line in the middle of the pipe. For a 6 foot long pipe, mark 5 dots every 12 inches starting 12 inches in for each mister.
  1. Drill a hole where you marked off using a 5/32-inch drill bit, or however big your misters are.
  1. Screw the misters in, preferably using a vice to hold the pipe. Make sure all of the misters are facing the same way.
  1. Attach the hose adapter to one side, and the cap to the other using PVC cement.
  1. Attach your hose to your hose adapter and watch it spray!
  1. You can either hang the mister on your porch ceiling using wire or make a stand by using more PVC pipes and PVC fittings.

Either way, this project is sure to add some cool to the summer heat.

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Should i attach a motor or a pump to it ? Or should just a regular hose be fine ?

Thanks for sharing this article with us. It's very helpful and timely. This will be very interesting to do during summer. Also for me, it's a not-so-costly way of cooling ourselves! I hope my husband helps me set this up. Thanks again!

How can I make a mister with out a hose hook up I need it for my peewee football games to cool the team during the game cane the water be pumped through a container if so how

Did a modified version of this to hang over the front of an old floor fan to cool of a shed while working in there. Really dropped the temperature and made it a lot more bearable. Just remember put it on the front only, the fan can even rotate.

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