How To: Save Money Barbecuing This Summer with One of These Inventive DIY Grills

Save Money Barbecuing This Summer with One of These Inventive DIY Grills

Sometimes you just want to grill. It doesn't matter where you are, what you have, or whom you're with—you just want a delicious burger and you don't care what it takes.

If you don't have a home grill or you're out camping in the wild, then it's the perfect time for your MacGyver instinct to kick into full gear. To help you out, here are some of my favorite MacGyver-friendly ways to cook your food outside the box.

Quick Fix: Metal Stool Legs

Okay, this first one is an actual outdoor grill. Only thing is, its legs were missing. So how do you fix a legless grill? Give it some legs. And an overturned stool does just the trick.

Image by Sldownard/Flickr

Ceramic Pot Grill

Have a recently deceased plant? Then turn its ceramic flowerpot into an inconspicuous grill for your patio. What else would work beside a pot?

Images by Kate/The Kitchn

Tire Rim Grill

Need a cheap grill and fast? Visit your local junkyard and grab yourself an old tire rim. Any old rim will do.

Image by Wade Shepard/Vagabond Journey

Washing Machine Drum Grill

Washing machines are pretty expensive—except when they don't work. Then they're just the heaviest paperweight ever. Only they don't have to be. They can be the most awesome grill ever, like this one. Now, I wonder if a dryer would be good for a smoker?

Image by C Jordan/Gomestic

Baby Carriage Grill

Imagine if you saw this one rolling down the street with smoke pouring out of it. Frightening. Until you realized that they're not grilling babies. Then it's just awesome. Too bad there are no instructions for this antique baby carriage grill—and the creator said he would never ever sell it.

Image via BBQ Pits

Tin Can Grill

What if you just want to grill for yourself? You don't need a huge DIY grill. A small can and some foil will do.

Images via Dian Thomas

Need more room? Turn your wagon or wheelbarrow into a larger grill.

Images via Dian Thomas

Beer Can Burner

Want to make your can grill a little more elaborate? Try out the PBR Burner.

Image via

You can also try out this video walkthrough.

Altoids Can BBQ Cooker

If there were a prize for coolest MacGyver grill, I'm sure this one would win. It's made from a circular Altoids can and an old computer fan grille. Pure awesome.

Images by vmspionage/Instructables

Can you think of any other cool or unique ways to make a grill from products on hand? Sound off in the comments section!

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