How To: 5 Cheap Life Hacks for Organizing Your Bathroom

5 Cheap Life Hacks for Organizing Your Bathroom

There comes a time in relationships when two people decide to move in together, and when this happens, you learn two things:

  1. Your perfect, wonderful, adorable significant other is a disgusting, messy pig.
  2. Your significant other thinks the same about you.

So how do you make sure your once "cute quirks" don't turn into huge fights? Add some organization to your life, and most importantly, in your bathroom. Make it functional for the men, and cute for the ladies.

In the above video, Clevver's Joslyn Davis and Lily Marston dish out all of their bathroom hacking secrets, and we've broken them down for you below, with some real-life examples from other DIYers.

Tip #1: Corral Those Loose Hairpins

One thing my boyfriend and I fight about is my amazing ability to lose hair pins all around the apartment. In fact, I'm often dumbfounded by the fact that I can never find those pesky things! Prevent this from happening by adding a magnetic strip to your medicine cabinet or cupboard, then attach your hairpins to the strip.

Magnetic tape is also great for tweezers and other small metallic objects. Image via Melissa Beth Kravitz

If you don't like the drab look of long strips of bare magnets, then spice things up a bit with some decorative paper, washi tape, or fabric.

This version uses scrapbook paper, and it also has little knobs for elastic hair bands (not shown). Image via Gabriel's Good Tidings

Tip #2: Keep Your Hair Styling Tools Together

A great way to save room under the sink is to wrap the cords on your hair dryers and straighteners and store them together in a magazine organizer. Your boyfriend can even get in on the action by adding his beard trimmer to the box! Stick a few sticky tacks to the box and attach it to your bathroom cupboard's door.

This magazine holder only cost $8, and it's attached to the door using Velcro. Image via Organising the Four of Us

Tip #3: Don't Hang Your Towels, Display Them!

My boyfriend absolutely loves to hang the towel on the shower rod, where it smacks me in the face without fail—no matter how many times I fold them nicely and out of the way. A better system would be to create a nice towel shelf by attaching a wooden box or basket to the wall and rolling the towels in there. They look nice, and they're out of the way!

(1) You can use wooden boxes. (2) Or go with wicker drawers. Images via Clevver, Making Lemonade

Tip #4: Clear Your Counters

Personally, our counters get really crowded, and that's something we're both guilty of. A way to clear counter space is to go to your nearest thrift store and buy a big plate, a smaller plate, and a candle holder, then glue them all together. You can put anything from jewelry and perfume to vitamins and hair gel on it.

(1) Here's the two-plate version. (2) And a bigger three-plater, for even more storage. Images via BHG, Liz Marie Blog

Tip #5: Hide Your Cotton Swabs

A big item that takes up a bunch of space in our drawers are cotton swabs and Q-Tips. Clear up that space by taking a peanut or similarly-sized canister and glue a pretty (or manly!) fabric on it. You can also glue a drawer handle to the top to make it look better. Put the swabs or Q-Tips in there and they are hidden in plain sight!

(1) Clevver's version with fabric and a knob. (2) DIY open-mouthed container with washi tape. Images via Clevver, Eat Love Craft

These tips will not only create a beautiful and organized bathroom, but it will create harmony between you and your significant other. The real trouble will be keeping it organized, but that is between the two of you.

For more bathroom hacks, check out Yumi's hacks for your living space, as well as how to use Sugru to keep toothbrushes organized and how to make a DIY cup dispenser, a reusable tissue box, and your own baby wipes.

Have any other tips to share? Let us know in the comments below, or via Facebook and Twitter.

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