Step 1: Like a Lock

This is a useful hack when it comes to going on a trip. You should always be aware of your surroundings especially places that are new to you. Pickpockets can be around when you least expect it, look to your left, now look to your right, that person close to you could be one! Just kidding, maybe. If you have a lock handy that would be the best scenario but in case you left yours at home use a paper clip in its place!

Step 2: Keep in Fresh

Who doesn't like a bag of cheetos or (insert favorite snack)? There's always going to be a time when we can't finish the entire snack in one sitting. More of a rare occasion but it happens. Instead of leaving the bag open or folding it closed just to have it end up opening back up slowly; go ahead, and fold the opening of your snack, but this time add paper clips to give it a nice seal!

Step 3: Never Again

Time is the most luxurious thing in the world, so why waste time trying to find the end of the tape. Yes a tape dispenser is convenient but for those big rolls of tape, stick a paper clip on the end before stashing it away. Next time you need tape there's no wasted time spent finding the end!

Step 4: Get Organized

We all have cords that we put away in the graveyard draw of cords. When you do need to get one, all the cords are tangled up. Just by using a rubber band and a paper clip you can now keep all your cords to themselves and have plenty of room for more cords that may never be used!

Step 5: Categorize

Using scraps of paper in books as a reminder of your favorite pages can get really messy. Why not use paper clips instead. They will leave a slight bulge between the pages so you can find the exact page you're looking to go back and see. You can even use color paper clips to categorize images, texts, or anything your heart desires!

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