How to Dry Your Soaking Wet Shoes Faster—Without Shrinking Them in the Dryer

There are few things I can think of that are more uncomfortable than wet shoes. Wet shoes mean wet socks, and wet socks means wet feet. If you're not wearing socks, probably blisters too.

And then there's the whole other ordeal of drying them.

Unless they're made for water, shoes can take forever to dry on their own, and most of them aren't made to just be thrown in the dryer.

If they have laces, you can tie them in a knot and shut them in the dryer door to avoid damage, as well as that excruciating loud banging noise they'd make tumbling around otherwise. But, there's still the issue of shrinking, and some materials can't handle the heat in the dryer.

Here's a trick I wish I'd known a few weeks ago after wearing my favorite boots, complete with a hole in the sole, and getting caught in the rain.


As redditor wowbobwow points out, you can stuff newspaper inside wet shoes to absorb the moisture faster than just air drying.

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Just ball up enough newspaper to fill them, and replace it every few hours when it absorbs as much water as possible. To dry the outsides, you can wrap a few sheets around them and secure with a rubber band.

The newspaper should also help to absorb any unpleasant smells from the water. To speed up the process even more, place the shoes in front of a fan or use a hair dryer on them.

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