Forum Thread: How to Make Cardboard Steering Wheel for Racing Games

Racing games on smart-phones are a little bit tricky to play when You use Your phone accelerometer. Phone is to small to give You a good precision. There is however a solution for that. You can create a cardboard steering wheel which improve not only the precision but also a grip and give You a little bit of driving car feeling.

Creating Your own cardboard game controller for racing games is really easy and it would take no more than 15 minutes. You will need just:

  • cardboard
  • two sided tape
  • paint

and that's all.

Step 1: Create the Circle from Cardboard

Use something big and circular to take a good shape. Big plate would be perfect.

Step 2: Cut Three Aditional Cardboard Rectangles Which Are Wider Than Your Phone

Step 3: Glue Two of Rectangles to the Circle and Cut the Shape of Your Phone.

Be careful during cutting. It's easy to cut Your fingers or to lose the trace.

Step 4: Take Last of Rectangle and Glue to Cover the Bottom of the Phone

Step 5: Put a Paint on Your New Game Controller and You Are Ready to Play!

As You can see on the pic and on the video, the cardboard steering wheel is very easy to use and enhances the precision of control in the games.

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