How To: DIY Pedal-Powered Phone Charger for Your Bike

DIY Pedal-Powered Phone Charger for Your Bike

Being healthy and active will help you live longer, but finding the strength to work out? That's hard. What does it do for me right now? I mean, here I sit, writing this article, thinking about going for a run, and I feel good just for thinking about running. But will I do it? Nah, I'm too lazy.

In a world of instant gratification, rewards may be the best way to combat laziness. So what if working out meant saving a life? The life of your smartphone, that is...

There are pedal-based chargers that you can buy for your bicycle, but those will run you over $50, and they're not the prettiest of contraptions either. If you go DIY, you can make a better looking one at less than half the price.

What You'll Need

Build It!

  1. Take the hand-cranked radio and remove the outer casing. Strip it until you are left with just the circuit board and generator. Take off the gears (aka cogs) on the generator as well.
  1. Attach one hose clamp to the generator, making sure to tighten it enough to have a nice grip.
  1. Take the second hose clamp and wrap it around the first clamp and the bike frame, making sure the generator touches the tire.
  1. Attach the circuit board to the bike frame with duct tape, making sure to cover it completely as protection from rain.
  1. Plug your USB cable into the port, plug your phone in, and go for a ride!

Now, in this tutorial, Household Hacker is holding the phone in his hand. My personal suggestion, if you want to go the cheaper route, would be to secure it to the handlebar using your smartphone case with plastic spring clamps and Velcro. That way you can detach and attach it easily.

Also, if you're a night rider, may I suggest lighting up your bike for the ultimate biking experience. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or tweet at us and leave a post on Facebook.

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