Step 1: Keep Still

If you are a soda drinker, you know soda can slowly remove the enamel on your teeth, so why not use a straw? But with all the carbonation in the drink the straw is always moving around. Turn the tab 180° degrees and you just added some straw stability!

Step 2: Keep It Fresh Longer

When you use a ziplock bag air will get caught with your delicious snack. Open the bag just enough to slide a straw in. Now suck all that extra air out of the bag. So the next time you go on a long adventure keep your snacks fresh longer!

Step 3: Keep It Light

Going camping brings out hard decisions. Do you bring the added weight to carry, just to have your tasty condiments with you? Take a straw and cut it into sections. Use a pair of pliers to hold one end. Using a lighter, light the end to make a seal. Fill your straw with your favorite condiment. Now seal the other end to make it water proof. After that long hike to get to your camping site, knowing your meal will lack nothing makes the trip worthwhile!

Step 4: Keep It Bubbly

Pour some bubble solution into a pan. Take a rubber band and wrap it around a handful of straws. Make sure the straws are leveled out. Insert the straws into the pan. Take a deep breath and blow through the straws to get multi-bubbles!

Step 5: Keep It Delicious

You will need a package of gelatin and a bunch of straws for this one. Pour the powder into a bowl and add boiling water. Mix the contents together and let it cool for a few minutes. Seal the ends of the straws in the meantime. You can put the straws in a long glass to keep them standing. Pour the gelatin into each straw. There's no need to seal the other end. Place in the fridge overnight and the next day you will end up with Jelly Spaghetti!

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