Forum Thread: 7 Incredible Toothpick Life Hacks

Step 1: Chopsticks Expert

Do chopsticks feel awkward for you to hold? Now with a simple use of a toothpick and a rubber band, you can become the chopsticks expert!

Unwrap your chopsticks, grab a rubber band, and a toothpick. Hold the ends of the chopsticks together and wrap a rubber band around them tight. Insert a single toothpick between the chopsticks. All you have to do is squeeze your fingers together and there's no need to worry about the chopsticks moving around on you. You are now the chopsticks expert!

Step 2: Clutch Q-Tip

After cleaning your teeth you can clean your ears!

Grab a single toothpick and break one end off. Tear off a small portion of a cotton swab. Stretch out the piece of swab and slowly begin to wrap the toothpick on the end that is broken off. Now when you need just one q-tip and you're all out, you can make your own in a clutch situation!

Step 3: Finger Saving Light

Have you ever found yourself trying to light a candle that is hard to reach and end up burning your finger? Those nightmare situations are finally over!

A match is too short, a lighter is guaranteed to burn your thumb, but a toothpick will actually burn slower and have a smaller flame. Your fingers will thank you!

Step 4: Eat Your Lunch

Lunch time is here and you made some noodles. Come to find out you forgot your fork!

A knife won't work, a spoon won't work, but four toothpicks will! We used popsicle stick but you can you anything you can wrap toothpicks around. Using a rubber band secure the toothpicks to your object. You can clock out and eat your lunch now and you won't go hungry!

Step 5: Toothpick Screw Holder

Sometimes in our lives we come across a hole that is just a little to big for a screw to catch. Add some toothpicks into the hole, the more the merrier. Once you start drilling your screw in, the toothpicks will break down and fill the empty gaps. Your screw will now be secured!

Step 6: Toothpick Wood Filler

Another scenario would be to just cover up the hole. Grab some toothpicks and fill the hole as much as possible. With a chainsaw or a small saw, cut any toothpicks that are sticking out. You can even sand them afterwards to give it a smooth surface!

Note: A chainsaw may be over doing it!

Step 7: Never Lose Your Spot Again

Sometime in our hectic schedules we forget the page we were on in our favorite books. So long to those aggravating page turing lost feeling! Have a single toothpick with you and when the time comes to put your book away, insert the toothpick between the pages. Next time you come back you can instantly get back to your favorite book and never lose your spot again!

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