How To: No Smartphone Stand? Just Use Your Wallet

No Smartphone Stand? Just Use Your Wallet

My wallet is useful for pretty much two things. The first, holding my credit cards, lottery tickets, and money (or lack thereof). Second, making my ass number whenever I'm driving.

However, I recently discovered that my trusty leather billfold can be used for a third thing—watching Game of Thrones without having to hold my iPhone the entire time.

How to Turn Your Wallet into a Smartphone Stand

I actually got this idea from redditor Forbsey, who turned his wallet into a sweet impromptu smartphone stand. Just like him, I have a tri-fold wallet, so I gave it a try...

Not bad right? Actually, it's ingenious.

There are plenty of DIY smartphones stands out there made from random things, like CDs, gooseneck lamps, toilet paper tubes, magazines, and even paper. But those are all just more stuff to carry around, so just use what you already lug around with you everyday—your wallet.

Works for Most Wallets!

If you don't have a tri-fold, it works awesome with a bi-fold, too.

All you really need to do is balance the phone properly and use the back flap to hold it up. I found that having more cards does make it easier to find the right balance, especially since the iPhone is fairly heavy.

If you want a little more support from your wallet, there's always the Cobra, which came to be after a successful Kickstarter campaign. But at $39 and higher, you're better off just sticking with the wallet you've already got.

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Just make sure not to get too comfortable with your new smartphone stand if you're in a public setting—having your wallet and phone out in the open is like Christmas morning for a slick (or not-so-slick) thief. So, watch your back and enjoy your free smartphone stand.

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