How To: Turn an Old Gooseneck Lamp into a Flexible Smartphone Stand

Turn an Old Gooseneck Lamp into a Flexible Smartphone Stand

Need a good way to hold your iPhone up? There are a ton of smartphone stands out on the market, but they can be pricey or just downright ugly—and potentially phone damaging.

But like the Une Bobine above, they do have their perks, like movability at almost any angle. But to alleviate pressure off of the connection port, Sharon Vaknin from CNET developed her own flexible iPhone stand—from an old desk lamp and suction cup.

To make one of your own, you'll need a gooseneck light, pliers, contact cement, scissors, a suction cup, and sticky felt. You'll need to take the lamp apart to remove the wiring and lamp socket, then the real fun can begin. Check out her how-to video below, or head straight to the written instructions, if you need them.

Best thing is, unlike the Une Bobine, this will work on most smartphones, like your new iPhone 5 that would NOT be able to support its own weight with its Lightning port.

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