How To: Replace Worn Off Lettering on Home Appliances with Sugru

Replace Worn Off Lettering on Home Appliances with Sugru

Whether you've had them for years or bought them used off Craigslist, old appliances can always benefit from a facelift. One of the first things to go is usually the lettering on the knobs, buttons, and other surfaces that are frequently touched, leaving them faded and difficult to read.

Sugru user Deborah P has an older stove that has grooves beneath the lettering, so she filled in the extra spaces with black Sugru to make it look good as new.

Here's how she did it.

After making sure the surface was clean, she used a wooden tongue depressor (aka popsicle stick) to smear Sugru into the crevices, then scraped off the excess with the other end of the stick.

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Deborah then used a dry paper towel, damp cotton swab, and a Magic Eraser to finish cleaning the surface.

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The result looks like a brand new stovetop. Pretty good for a five-minute fix!

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Be sure to check out Deborah's tutorial for more details and photos.

Don't want to buy a whole pack of Sugru just to use a tiny little piece? Mix up some Oogoo, a homemade Sugru substitute made of cornstarch and silicone caulk, if you already have those ingredients lying around. If not, maybe Sharpie can help you out temporarily.

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What about letters that are painted on? Without the grooves?

Buy letter stickers or use a fine tip permanent marker.

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