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Vlog on a Budget: Simple and Easy Way to Start Vlogging

I'm Cameron Helm, I've been doing film for about 3 years now, but i've been DIY-ing my whole life. I'm here to show you my tips and tricks that i've learned along the way to help achieve the same results as a professional, without the same gear. This video shows you how to make your camera handheld to start vlogging even if you don't have the money to spend on a Gorilla Pod or similar accessory. All you need is a tri-pod which most should have already as a photographer or cinematographer, a f...

Forum Thread: Mac Not Working on Wifi How to Fix It and How to Install Software on Mac Os

Technology has always brought change to our life and provided us a new dimension to our life. There is plenty of innovation happens in technological field on a daily basis. But few innovation which happens in the earlier decades which has changed the human directions. One such innovation which has drastically changed our life is Personal computer. Personal computer has completely changed the way we do our things whether the sharing of files, sending and storage of data as well as host range o...

Forum Thread: EASY Campfire Lighting!

So you've tried everything you were taught in Boy / Girl Scouts, the entire campsite has been ravaged of every pine needle, or pine cone, and you've just used up the last of your charcoal lighting fluid to no avail. The children wait anxiously with their marshmallows on sticks, and your companion looking for a romantic night in front of a roaring campfire has fallen asleep! What to do!!!

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