How To: Fix Your Broken Vertical Blind Slats MacGyver-Style

Fix Your Broken Vertical Blind Slats MacGyver-Style

Most of you probably have a set of blinds at home, the most popular being horizontal or vertical. They're great for keeping the sun out of your eyes and maintaining privacy, but unfortunately, each comes with its own set of problems.

Horizontal slats are prone to kinking and vertical slats drop like flies.

You'd think that in a world with touchscreens and voice-activated lighting, someone would have invented a better window blind. Seriously, how many times have you seen this happen?

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Overuse, a simple tug, opening and closing too quickly...anything can make it snap. If you know anyone that hasn't had one of these break and fall, then you know a wizard, because it's nearly impossible to avoid having that little sliver split away from the slat.

Lucky for us, it's not impossible to fix.

One solution? Toothpicks. Just snap or cut off a couple sections of the toothpick, sized for the missing gap, and tape them in place using some clear packaging tape. Bam—new hole for the carrier to attach to.

Of course, toothpicks aren't your only random blind savers. You can pretty much use anything that's small, thick, and sturdy to bridge the gap on your busted slats. There's staples, bread clips, and even paperclips.

You can also just use some solo duct tape, which is pretty sturdy by itself, or just superglue the broken plastic piece back on. If you're in a real hurry, you can also simply flip that sucker over and hole-punch it.

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Sure, you'll have a hole on the bottom, but who cares? You can also tape some white material down there to fill the space, if it bugs you.

Not into the whole DIY scene? Then just purchase some commercial vane savers. They sell packs of them at most home improvement stores, and they're either just plastic adhesive pieces or metal spines that go over the top of the slat.

It's a lot cheaper (and easier) than buying a new slat, plus you'll have some on hand for later.

Do you have any of your own tips on fixing a broken vertical blind vane? Let us know in the comments section.

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Ok well i did not have any of the items mentioned above so what i did was i had some small white plastic peaces that the blue ecig filters came in and after i use the filters well the package had this small white plastic tab on one end i cut that off and it was just the right size too fit over the gap in the top of the vane so i place that over the gap put duct tape over that then i stapled the tape in place to give it more strength and i would not slide out of the tape i guess you can just staple the plastic peace in place but i did not want too risk snapping off any more of the plastic on the vane so the tape and staples made a better solution. if you would like pics of how i did it i can post some i think. Or i can try and post some as i fix the next one.

Thanks Linda you saved me my deposit... have a blessed day

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