How To: Double the Size of Your Closet Using Soda Tab Hangers

Double the Size of Your Closet Using Soda Tab Hangers

While walk-in closets are nice, not many of us actually have one. Instead, we're stuck with tiny wall closets or those oddly-shaped spears. Add a roommate or girlfriend and you have yourself a classic dilemma—"Where in the French toast do I put all my damn clothes?"

No matter what your closet size is, you can create some extra space by using old soda can tabs. Simply place the detached soda tabs onto your hangers' necks and you can begin doubling up.

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Of course, in order for this to work, you will need hangers with small enough necks that allow the tabs to slide onto them. If you have a heavy coat or sweater, try putting two or three soda tabs on to help with the extra weight.

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Not only are you making more out of your closet space, but you can better organize your clothes by grouping suits or outfits together using this simple technique.

While you're in your closet, make sure you avoid those nasty hanger bumps, de-clutter your closet space, and keep your boots in tiptop condition.

Pink hangers with tabs photos via Idea Bottle, Wooden tabbed hangers via David Garcia

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