How To: Never Get Another Hanger Bump Again with This Sweater Hanging Secret Tip

Never Get Another Hanger Bump Again with This Sweater Hanging Secret Tip

I'm one of very few Americans that suffer from TMS syndrome, i.e. Too Much Swag. While there are no current cures for the disease, I'm in no rush to rid myself of the problem.

However, TMS ultimately leads to worse things, like depression, because of finicky clothes that interfere with one of the biggest symptoms of TMS syndrome—perfectionism. The biggest culprit here is sweaters, which, if you hang them like I do, always end up with swag-destroying shoulder bumps.

When you hang heavier clothes on a hanger, like sweaters, the shoulders sag down on the hanger corners creating that stupid little bump that makes your clothes look silly. This also happens when you hang clothes that are not yet dry.

How to Fix Hanger Bumps on Clothes

You can fix this problem by dabbing the bumps with some warm water and padding it down until it goes away. However, that's a pain in the ass, and it's better to take a more preventative approach instead, like Joshua Davis does.

Grab your sweater, fold it in half (vertically), lay your hanger one top with the loop-end near the armpit, and then bring the bottom half of the sweater up towards the collar.

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Now, fold over the sleeve to the far corner of the top/bottom of the sweater, then flip up the hanger like you're about to hang it, and you're done.

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Hang your sweater in your closet and next time you put it on, you wont have to worry about people staring at your shoulders. For more images of the process, check out Joshua's sweater-hanging guide.

Shoulder bump images via Dappered, Refinery29, and KOTC

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I found "Super Grippy Hangers" online. After trying them out, I did my entire closet with them. They come in shapes and sizes for anything you'd need to hang (including sizes for women and kids), they're sturdy and they don't stretch clothes out at the shoulders. I love the way they keep clothes on the hanger. My closet looks so tidy, it's easier to find the clothes I am looking for. One thing that took getting used to, you can't just "grab and go" – you have to take clothes off the hangers because of the super-grippy coating, so they might not be for everyone. And they're a little more expensive but they are so well-made I think they're the last hangers I'll have to buy.

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