How To: Build Your Own Projector Screen at Home for Less Than Fifty Bucks

Build Your Own Projector Screen at Home for Less Than Fifty Bucks

A few weeks ago, we saw a simple 128 inch DIY Projector Screen that looked like a pro built it—and it only cost $200. But this one is even cheaper, and looks just as good.

It's also simpler because it's painted right onto the wall. In the video below, How To Lou shows us how to make it with just some white or silverscreen paint, a few pieces of casement molding, and some black velvet for the trim.

The secret to making the screen so smooth is to remove any nails and fill in the holes with spackle before you start painting. Lou used about 10 coats of white paint, and added the trim to absorb any excess light around the edges of the picture. If you really wanted to make this cheap and easy, you could skip the trim, but your picture edges won't be as clean.

I'd say it looks pretty good for such a simple project! You can watch the video for step-by-step instructions and visit How To Lou to see more of his work.

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