How to Make a Super Simple Toothbrush Holder and Declutter Your Bathroom Sink

If you don't have a lot of counter space in your bathroom, even something as small as a toothbrush can seem like it takes up a lot of room.

Hanging a toothbrush holder on the wall helps to declutter your counter, or you can hang it inside the cabinet to hide them from sight.

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Photographer and Instructables user Andrea Biffi used one mini-pack of Sugru to make a really simple wall-mounted toothbrush holder. All you have to do is roll the Sugru into a cylinder, then press the toothbrushes into it and stick it to a vertical surface to dry. Make sure to wet the handle of the toothbrushes first—otherwise, they might stick to the Sugru and become useless decoration instead.

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Head over to the full tutorial for more details and photos, and be sure to check out some of our other clever Sugru projects.

Blue toothbrush photo by stuartpilbrow

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