Forum Thread: What Do You Think of This Stun Gun iPhone Case?

Recently, Seth Froom of Louisiana came up with a case for the iPhone that turns it into a stun gun. Dubbed "The Yellow Jacket" this case is said to deliver a 650,000 jolt of electricity to would be home invaders.

What do you think? Will it be a flop? Will people actually use it as intended? Will it sell like hotcakes and make its creator rich? Sound off!

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On the one hand, it's brilliant because it's so small. Personal self-defense devices can be clumsy to carry around and are easy to forget. Almost everyone makes sure they have their phone before leaving the house. On the other side, it's rather terrifying to think about the seemingly easy-to-make mistake of shocking yourself when answering the phone...

I love the idea, but I'm more worried about zapping my iPhone instead of myself. What if Apple started incorporating a stun gun into the actual iPhone. Now, that'd be cool. No external case needed. Though I imagine it's a lot easier to fry your device that way.

Yeah, I'd be scared of shocking myself as well. I dont think I'd trust that safety switch lol.

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