Dash Mount Phone Holder: Another Way

Another Way

So this is what I did for the dashbount phone holder. I used a cologne box. A lot of them come with another box inside thats much more sturdier than the one on the ouside.

I didnt take pictures from the beginning so bear with me.

Heres what the finished box looks like:

Just realized I took the picture the wrong way.......

But as you see, the box rests just above my cars GPS screen, held on by two velcro tapes. The tapes are attached to the A/C bars with a loop.

The tapes go through four holes in the box (they get covered so it doesn't look bad).

(The right side is the bottom). That small groove/design was made to access the phone ( I used to have an iPhone so the groove was made to acess the home button) when it's docked.

I also grooved the left side down so the driver can see the screen from his side without really moving his head:

And of course, I added a hole on the bottom to connect the charger:

And with a phone:

I also found that the flap on the top is a really good sunshade (and its completly adjustable too!).

Well thats it, thanks to Christian for the idea, for I did this after reading his post.

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I like how you used the AC vent and velcro straps to hold it in place. Very clever! I also like how you added a little sunshade. I hate trying to look at my phone in the sun it is such a hassle!

No problemo! I'll probably keep posting a few small things as they come to mind.

Nice. Red, white and blue. Just in time for the 4th!

I thought about making one for my car, but I'm pretty blind, so I can't really see what's going on with my phone when it's on my dash.

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