How To: How You Should Really “Fold” Socks to Prevent Stretching Them Out

How You Should Really “Fold” Socks to Prevent Stretching Them Out

I don't buy socks—I get a pack from my parents on Christmas Day, so I've got to make sure they last all year. Other than losing them mysteriously in the dryer, the biggest threat to my limited sock collection is a stretched out cuff. Nothing's more frustrating than a loose sock sliding down into your shoe.

One great way to keep your socks tight is to change the way you fold them. Of course, not folding them at all is the best way to keep those cuffs healthy, but if you're like most people (including me)...

You Probably Roll Up Your Socks Like This:

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Just look at those socks, they're crying out for help! There's a reason why clothing companies don't package their socks like this—it ruins them!

This Is How You Should Really "Fold" Your Socks

The solution is to simply stop using the elastic cuff as the mechanism that holds the pair together. Instead, use the toe end of the sock to hold the pair together. By creating a pocket in the toe-end, you can neatly slide the other sock inside. This video shows you exactly what to do:

This technique works best with ankle socks, but it can also work on regular ones. You can shove one whole sock into the other's foot area, and the other sock's cuff can be tucked away neatly behind it.

You Could Also Go for the Pretzel...

But I found the tuck is much neater in the sock drawer than the twist.

If for some reason your socks still aren't living up to expectations, don't toss 'em—there are many good reasons why you shouldn't throw out old socks.

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Image credits: Rolled socks on pants via Surfing Surgeon Stuck in the Sand, Folded ankle socks via Shutterstock, Twisted and rolled socks via Fool's Mountain

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The best site so far to solving the problem of stretching socks due to the folding techniques. The article said that this technique would work with regular full size socks. I tried it with a full size sock and it took quite a while. It made me wonder if instead of not stretching the top of the socks whether the entire sock was stretched.

Also, I have to wear knee compression stockings due to circulation problems. I have not tried it with the knee high socks yet, but I wonder if it would work. Would this technique work with knee compression socks?

Thank you.

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