How To: Turn an Old Fan Grille into a Decorative Plant Hanger

Turn an Old Fan Grille into a Decorative Plant Hanger

Everybody should have plants in their home. Not only do they give off oxygen, but they add a whole new level of decor and awesomeness to an otherwise drab room. So naturally, if you want to improve a room, just display a few plants.

There are tons of cool ways to display plants. You can put them in a little pot on your end table. You can put one in a huge pot and sit it next to your TV. One of my favorite ways to display a plant is to hang it. It just looks way cooler that way.

However, cool decorative plant hangers can get be expensive, and that's no good. So, I'm going to show you how to upcycle a grill from an old fan into a cool plant hanger!


  • Grille to an old desktop fan
  • Coconut husk liner
  • Binder clips
  • Fishing line
  • Eyelet or hook screw
  • Scissors
  • Plant

Step 1: Select Fan

Select the size of desktop fan you want to use depending on what size plant you wish to hang. Mine is a 15 inch that's been sitting in my closet broken for months.

Step 2: Remove Grille

Remove the front grille to the fan. On most desktop fans, it's held in place by a series of clips like this:

Just fold them up to undo them.

The grille should come right off as soon as all the clips are folded up.

Step 3: Place Husk in Grille

If you have never heard of them, this is a coconut husk:

They help to retain moisture in the soil. They are most often sold in rolls or circular bowl shapes. I like the bowl shapes, but they aren't often sold in a wide variety of sizes.

As you can see, it isn't exactly a perfect fit for my grille. A very good solution for this that I've found is binder clips. Clip them around the grille onto the husk in a circle.

From the bottom, they blend in very well.

Step 4: Measure Out Fishing Line

Measure out three pieces of fishing line, each about a yard long. Cut them off with your scissors.

Step 5: Attach Line to Planter

Loop each piece of line through the fan grille, about a third of the way around the planter.

Tie a knot in the ends of each strand of fishing line. A standard overhand knot done two or three times will be sufficient.

Step 6: Screw Hook or Eyelet into Ceiling

Screw your hook or eyelet screw into the ceiling.

Step 7: Attach Planter

Attach your planter by looping the ends of the fishing line onto your screw.

Here is a below view:

Step 8: Add Plant

Add the dirt and plant to your hanger and you're finished! Be sure to poke the leaves between the fishing line.

Here is a below view:

Here is the planter from afar:

What would you use to make as better planter? Sound off in the comments below!

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Looks pretty cool. But I wonder if they have white binder clips? Guess you could always paint them if you wanted it to match the white grille.

Hmm I wonder if they do. I have seen steel colored ones.. You could always paint the grille also!

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