Summer Cooling Tip: How to Upgrade a Handheld Fan into a Mister

How to Upgrade a Handheld Fan into a Mister

If you're anything like me, the heat of the summer can often be unbearable. Where I live, it often gets as high as 108 degrees Fahrenheit, so anything that cools off is a welcome and amazing thing. Mister fans are especially amazing for cooling off, but they are usually very big and attached to buildings (which currently is way out of the picture for me.)

Here is a nifty little way I've thought of to make a personal mister, and most likely all you'll have to spend is a dollar to buy a little handheld fan. Here is how to upgrade that fan into a mister.


  • Spray bottle
  • Handheld fan
  • Two little rubber bands
  • Sticky-backed Velcro
  • Scissors

Step 1: Lay Out Your Materials

Lay out your old spray bottle, two little rubber bands, some sticky-backed Velcro and personal fan.

Step 2: Remove the Spray Bottle Top

Unscrew the head from the spray bottle.

Step 3: Measure and Place Velcro

Measure your Velcro to see how much you need to wrap around the tip of the spray head, right behind the nozzle. Cut the Velcro and stick it to the spray head, wrapping it around as you go.

Step 4: Wrap Velcro Around Fan

Repeat step number three, only with your personal fan. You will want to wrap the Velcro as close to the base of the fan as possible.

Step 5: Stick Fan and Spray Bottle Together

Stick the fan to the spray head via the Velcro. Position the fan so that it extends in front of the nozzle of the spray head and the blades spin in front of it.

Step 6: Secure with Rubber Bands

Grab your two little rubber bands and affix them to the rig to add stability. Place one around the fan and nozzle, and one further down behind the handle and the fan.

Step 7: Add Water

Fill your bottle up with water and screw the head on. Just turn the fan on and pull the trigger for the misting effect to take place.

Your mister is now done, and hot, sticky days are a thing of the past!

How would you upgrade a fan to a mister? What kind of bottle would you use? Discuss in the comment section below!

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Cool idea for summer, definitely gna try it! thanks :)

I love this!

however, when i was loading the page i was just thinking to my self...
Mister... hmm like a gentleman? making a gentleman... then i read the post :P

ha ha! mister, I see what you did there :)

i never thought of that. Great idea!!

Thank you kindly Ms. Dayton! I thought it was pretty clever as well he he

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