How To: Stop Squashing Bananas—Make Your Fruit Indestructible with This DIY Banana Case!

Stop Squashing Bananas—Make Your Fruit Indestructible with This DIY Banana Case!

I've had a thing against bananas ever since Mario Kart; not only do I believe it's the worst weapon in the game, but it's also a very funny-looking food. Nevertheless, bananas are a great source of potassium, and I can't overlook that.

But bananas are fragile, so you have to be really careful with them. A ripened soft and mushy banana can be easily bruised or squashed, so if you're taking it to work for lunch, you might find yourself with sticky banana all over your bag.

In order to protect bananas from evil outside forces, Instructables user Friend0fHumanity created a specialized banana-protection case.

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It can withstand being tossed long distances, dragged on the street, and run over by a car. Even bullets and flamethrowers are no match for this banana guard.

How did Friend0fHumanity make this awesome banana grenade? With a piece from an old bed bed frame.

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Using the banana as a guide, the right amount of curved bed frame was cut. If you don't have a bed frame on hand, any curved metal tube-like item large enough to fit a banana will do.

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riend0fHumanity went ahead and used the plastic caps that came with his used metal frame to make the removable caps.

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In order to keep the caps from squishing under intense pressure, wooden circles were placed inside the caps.

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If you want a really cool looking military-style pull cap, you can use a hose clamp and a small metal bracket to hook up to the top cap.

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Next, the inside of the tube was lined with bubble wrap to give it some cushion. Old plastic grocery bags would also work.

If you'd like some attitude with your banana case, then you have to paint it up. Sticking with the military theme, Friend0fHumanity went with army green and some yellow stencil work.

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Awesome right? This is officially the most ridiculous, yet strangely amazing banana protection case ever invented.

For more sweet pictures and commentary, check out Friend0fHumanity's full guide.

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