How To: Repurpose Your Old LEGO Bricks into a Functional Hanging Key Holder

Repurpose Your Old LEGO Bricks into a Functional Hanging Key Holder

LEGO may no longer be in its heyday, but those colored building blocks of joy can still make some really cool and creative things. I mean, take a look at these pieces from LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya.

While making something like that is undoubtedly impressive, it could be just a little too difficult for the common LEGO enthusiast—and expensive (LEGOs aren't cheap these days). So, for the regular LEGO-builders, usefulness is more important that extravagance.

Like this handy LEGO key holder from Felix Grauer.

As you can see, it's a lot less complicated to make than the above LEGO sculptures, and practically any person with keys can find it nice to have hanging by their front door.

How to Make the LEGO Key Hub

To make your own LEGO key holder, just head down to your basement (or wherever you keep your LEGOs) and dig out your old blocks. The only pieces you might not have are the Technic bricks, which didn't come in standard LEGO sets.

Don't have any?

You can buy all the pieces online for a pretty cheap price, costing you around $5.50 for the whole shebang, plus about 20 cents per Technic brick. So, if you want to hang two sets of keys, then you will probably spend a total of $5.90. This is exactly what you'll need:

Pieces for the Word "KEYS!"

  • Nine 1x2 Plates (10 cents each)
  • Two 1x3 Plates (10 cents each)
  • One 1x1 Plate (10 cents each)
  • Three L-Shaped Corner Plate 1x2x2 (10 cents each)

LEGO Base Plate

  • One 16x16 Plate ($4)

Keychain Bricks

  • However many you want Technic Brick 1x4 (0.20 USD)

The Technic bricks are what attaches to your key rings, so make sure they have holes in them. If you don't feel like ordering these specifically, you can probably get away with drilling holes in some regular bricks.

You can find all or must of these pieces at your local LEGO shop, or on their "Pick a Brick" website. Just use the drop-down menu to speed up your search.

If you want an even simpler key holder, you can get LEGO Part 3176 and any size plate and stick it to your wall like Kate from Mini-eco did.

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Have your own LEGO key ideas? Share your designs!

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