How To: Organize Cords, Customize Your Keyboard, & Make Your Desk Nonslip with DIY Fabric Tape

Organize Cords, Customize Your Keyboard, & Make Your Desk Nonslip with DIY Fabric Tape

There are thousands of uses for tape, and plenty of different types of it, too. Masking tape is perfect for labeling, double-sided tape is great for crafts, and duct tape is good for...well, just about everything.

And then there's washi tape, which is like double-sided and masking tape combined, only more colorful.

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Washi is a Japanese paper made from natural fibers, usually from tree bark or bamboo, and the tape has a similar texture to masking tape. It can be used for crafts and home decor, plus a few unexpected applications like organizing your power cords and giving your desk a non-slip (and colorful) surface.

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Fabric tape can be used in a lot of projects in place of washi tape, and it's super easy to make at home from scrap fabric, or even those old tee-shirts you have lying around. The only other things you need are scissors and some double-sided tape.

The process couldn't be much simpler—just attach the tape to the fabric and cut off the excess. Make sure to place it close to the edge, and make your cuts as straight as possible. For more info, check out The Red Thread's guide to DIY washi tape.

So what can you do with it? The short answer is anything you want. Just like washi tape, you can use it to adorn everyday items like notebooks, glass jars, or even your keyboard.

Not into crafts? Fabric tape is also a great way to add some creative flair to your home. Add color to boring blinds, or use it to decorate your walls.

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If you're looking for a more functional use, you can use it as a lazy way to dress up ordinary gift wrapping, or for sealing letters and packages.

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Have you done any projects with fabric tape? Know of a creative way to use it that's not mentioned here? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Interesting! This is probably what I really needed to read! Honestly, my desk is a mess right now. And yes, there are many cords at home. Sometimes I find them a bit confusing. Now I know exactly what to do with them. I also love what you did with the keyboard! It's just perfect!

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