How To: Make a Simple No-Sew Workout Armband for Your Phone or MP3 Player (No Sock Required)

Make a Simple No-Sew Workout Armband for Your Phone or MP3 Player (No Sock Required)

I've never been much of a runner. I've tried running alone, with a partner, on busy sidewalks, and back country roads, but I just never got it. There are a few other forms of exercise I genuinely enjoy, but have yet to experience that "natural high" that avid runners are always talking about.

I'll get my cardio in on the elliptical, thanks.

Besides having flashbacks to running the mile in gym class, one of the worst parts is trying to keep up with my MP3 player. Holding it in my hand makes it sweaty, and the pockets on most women's clothing are either tiny or nonexistent.

Since I don't run often, I could never bring myself to buy a sports armband. There's always the old tube sock trick, but this quick homemade version by Marta of DIY blog 2nd Funniest Thing is so much better. It's so easy to make that I might just give my relationship with running one more shot.

If it doesn't work out, there's always the elliptical still.

Marta used an old plastic placemat for hers, but you could use just about any material you want, as long as it's flexible and strong enough to hold. Besides that, all you need is a pair of scissors, a pencil, some glue, and two ponytail holders.

The process is simple. Place your device on the placemat and trace around it, making a cross shape like in the photo below.

Cut it out and fold up the bottom tab, gluing down the tabs to make a pocket for your device. Put the top tab through one of the hair ties and glue it down to hold the elastic in place. Attach the other one to the left tab, then attach the right tab to form a loop that will go around your arm.

When you're finished, slide your device into the pocket and fold down the top tab, using the elastic to secure it in place.

There you have it. You should be able to throw this together in no time, and it's easy to make adjustments to fit your arm perfectly. Be sure to check out Marta's tutorial for more details and photos of the process.

Sure beats using a tube sock, right?

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