How To: Make a 40 Watt Electrical Generator from Common Household Items

Make a 40 Watt Electrical Generator from Common Household Items

There's no charge for this electricity! All you'll need for this project is...

Now, watch and learn how to make your own emergency power if you find yourself in a bind.

You might need a strong arm, and a lot of patience, but here's how to make a simple electrical generator you can use to charge your cell phone, various batteries, and even power small lights.

There's just enough power to convert water into fuel with the OxyHydrogen generator you made in a previous project!

All you need is a cordless drill...

And a few other common household items for leverage.

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At 100 RPM, you'll generate 5-6 volts at 7-8 amps.

If you have the muscle to crank faster, you can get even more!

If you don't feel like hand-cranking, try fastening it to a stationary bike and going for a ride, or how about hooking it to your kids stroller and going for a walk? You could even make it into a windmill and use wind energy to power it effortlessly.

Well, there's a make-shift electrical generator that you can make in a pinch. What situation can you think of where a charger like this would come in handy?

Haven't see the video yet? You can still see it here!

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I am going to make this and see how it works out!

It is not just better than i thought but it is spectacular

Hi, I'm trying this experiment for a science fair project, but i couldn't make it work, icouldn't find out the problem, any help??

Does the cellphone need to be BlackBerry?, i tried with an LG, but the wires were thiner?

i wonder and would appreciate if you could help me.

how about dc motor and use the water pressure to rotate it?will it work?

technically that is DC generator and it depends on what you mean by water pressure. If you talking something like when water turns turbine in hydro-power statio, then yes. But if you talking about something different then I doubt it

Please use care whenever SHORTING ANY BATTERIES OUT by hooking pos+&neg- terminals together. You risk fire and or possible explosion.

What kind of light bulb was use in the experiment?

I got to try this. Well worth knowing and trying.

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