How To: DIY Tin Can Cookie Cutters from Recycled Tuna Fish Cans

DIY Tin Can Cookie Cutters from Recycled Tuna Fish Cans

Making cookies is one of the best things in life, especially around the holidays. There is nothing better than getting together with friends and family and bonding by baking cookies.

What stinks about cookies is that without proper cookie cutters, they come out oddly shaped. Even making circle-shaped cookies is difficult without a cutter. You wouldn't want to explain amoeba-shaped cookies to your family, would you?

Well, don't worry! I've got a way to make DIY cookie cutters out of tuna cans that's extremely quick and easy.


  • Tuna cans (or any other aluminum food cans)
  • Cookie (or biscuit) dough

Step 1: Ready the Cans

Peel the labels off your cans and wash the outsides. Be sure to take off any glue that remains from the labels.

Step 2: Remove the Contents

Remove the top of a can and take out its contents. Thoroughly wash the inside with soap and hot water.

Step 3: Repeat

Repeat the last step with each of the other cans. Be sure to wash them out completely. Dry with a paper towel.

Your cookie cutters are now pretty much done! You don't have to worry about being cut because the folded over edge on top of the can is smooth.

To Use Your New Cutters Effectively

Add a dusting of flour to your countertop and roll your dough of choice out.

Place your cutters on the dough.

Cut by pressing your cutters down firmly all the way to the countertop. Then, twist them back and forth several times before pulling up.

If done correctly, nice circles of cookies (or biscuits) will be left behind, separated from the surrounding dough.

What would you use to make a better cookie cutter? As always, sound off below!

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Nice. For quick circle making, any can would do. But the nice thing about tuna fish cans is that you can cut both the top and bottoms off, then bend and shape them with pliers into stars and whatever else you can think of for cookie shapes.

Well I like tuna cans because they're so small they are easily stackable! :) It might be kind of hard to cut the bottom off a tuna can though because the bottom has a thicker lip than the top, unlike most tin cans.

Though that is a good idea about the shapes! I should try and do a how-to about that. :)

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