How To: Build a Low-Cost Shoe Rack Using PVC Pipes

Build a Low-Cost Shoe Rack Using PVC Pipes

I actually have a lot of shoes, and putting them on the floor in my closet just makes for a very large mess, and makes it harder to find a matching pair. So, this simple yet cool DIY shoe storage is actually something I could benefit from doing.

This project shouldn't be too difficult to complete. You can get PVC pipe from your local hardware store and either have them cut it, or you can do it at home if you have a table saw. You can also opt to buy concrete forming tubes, which may be a little cheaper and easier to cut.

Make sure you also get the right diameter for your shoes to fit in. 6 to 8 inch diameter pipe should be adequate for non-giants. If you want, you can also paint the PVC for a more decorative look, instead of using the standard white.

Once you have the PVC pipe cut in the number of pieces you need (depends on your shoe collection), you can begin gluing the pieces together. Gorilla Glue or PVC cement works best for this part.

You'll want to start by gluing together a base, which can be 3-5 pieces wide depending on how much space you have in the room. Add a thick line of Gorilla glue to the inner-side of the PVC pipes and connect them together. You can place a heavy item on the ends of both sides to hold the pipes in place until the glue dries.

When the base is done, you can start stacking the pipes. You can simply repeat the same process as above and glue each set on top of the other until you are satisfied with the height.

Once it dries, place the storage wherever you see fit. You can do this in a variety of shapes, and use different size pipes to accommodate just about anything you want to store.

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Photos by Apartment Therapy, Why Not Do It Yourself, Jazzy Living


Great idea and sounds like it is easy for someone like me. Thanks.

What is the black strap called (the one shown around the pipes in the photo) and where can I purchase one? Thank you.

wow! thanks for sharing this idea. this is what I need.
Thank you :)

You save my money .... Thanks!

Great idea! I don't need additional shoe storage, but this would also make a cool wine rack or towel holder, & could easily be mounted to a wall.

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