How To: Beat the Heat for Cheap with These Five DIY Sprinklers

Beat the Heat for Cheap with These Five DIY Sprinklers

What's better in the summer than playing around in the water? Lounging in the pool, water balloon fights, and playing in the sprinklers helps us forget how much it sucks to be outside in 100+ degree weather.

Sprinklers are especially fun to play around in, particularly if you have kids; they go crazy over jumping through them. Sprinklers can get pretty expensive, but to combat this obvious treachery, people have begun channeling their inner MacGyver and building sprinklers out of junk at home.

To help give you an idea on how to better stay cool this summer, here are five DIY sprinklers made from upcycled materials.

Plastic Bottles

What better to make a sprinkler with than a plastic bottle? Literally, everyone has one in his or her house somewhere.

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Curbly has made an awesome DIY sprinkler using a plastic bottle and some pens. The pens stay in place with plumbing adhesive, which is a very good idea.

PVC Pipe

Sometimes it's better to have a bigger sprinkler because they are more fun to jump through.

My Homespun Threads has made an awesome square sprinkler "pad" using PVC pipe. It is the perfect jumping through size. If I made this, I would drill holes at different angles on the pipe so water goes in every direction rather than just up.

Bike Water Ride

Sometimes kids don't want to just jump through sprinklers. Kids are very imaginative, and they get bored easy. So they want stuff that is exciting.

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Expanding upon the PVC pipe idea, Crafty Sisters-NC has made a sprinkler large enough to ride a bike through.

Hula Hoop

It doesn't get more upcycled than this.

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PBJ Stories has turned an old, boring hula hoop into a new, exciting sprinkler. This is such a clever way to bring new life to old, unused toys. I would do the same thing I mentioned in the first PVC pipe sprinkler.

Water Park

While this last item isn't technically just a sprinkler, I felt I needed to include it because of its sheer awesomeness.

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Event Horizons has turned some old PVC pipes and pool noodles into a sprinkler park! I know if I were a kid, I would go nuts over playing in this. Heck, I'd go nuts if I got to play in it now!

Do you have any other good ideas for homemade DIY-style sprinklers? Tell me below, or make your own tutorial for the whole MacGyverisms community to enjoy!

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