How To: 10 Holiday Life Hacks You Need to Know for a Merrier Christmas

10 Holiday Life Hacks You Need to Know for a Merrier Christmas

Holidays can be challenging, especially around Christmastime—but not if you invoke your inner MacGyver spirit. In my latest "life hacks" guide, I show you 10 amazing tips and tricks that'll hopefully make your holiday season a little more merry.

If you're in need of some last-minute gift wrap, grab an empty bag of chips, clean the chip bag and turn it inside out, then carefully place your gift inside and twist the bag at the top. All you need to do now is grab a ribbon, tie a bow, and your instant gift is ready to go.

Now, if you don't have a ribbon handy, it's no problem. Just cut the top inch off the chip bag and tie that on instead. It should be just enough, to get you by in your time of need.

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And that's just one of the holiday life hacks featured in the video above. Below are the other 9 hacks covered.

  • Protect your wrapping paper from unraveling in storage
  • Send Christmas letters without having to buy envelopes
  • Make custom festive pancakes in any shape
  • Avoid the challenges of packing tape sticking to itself
  • Make your house smell like fresh cut pine
  • Decorate sugar cookies with no mess to clean up
  • Prevent your Christmas lights from tangling in storage
  • Make custom chocolate garnishes for entertaining
  • Turn your Christmas morning garbage into custom cards

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