Forum Thread: Fidget Spinner Generator Reaching 100 v at the Start

Fidget spinner electric generator reaching 100 V using neodymium sphere 30 mm, a coil iron - less, a bearing (holder for the 30 mm neodymium sphere) 3 sphere fidget spinner extra weight and a led bulb 9W 230 V

  1. fix the fidget spinner plastic holder on a box using glue
  2. fix a bearing on the fidget spinner ( 30 mm neodymium sphere metal holder )
  3. fix 3 neodymium spheres on the fidget spinner ( extra weight)
  4. attach the 30 mm neodymium sphere between poles on the bearing ( the glue one )
  5. attach the 9 W led bulb 230 V to the coil output ( iron -less)
  6. the fidget spinner generator is ready

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