Forum Thread: Mac Not Working on Wifi How to Fix It and How to Install Software on Mac Os

Technology has always brought change to our life and provided us a new dimension to our life. There is plenty of innovation happens in technological field on a daily basis. But few innovation which happens in the earlier decades which has changed the human directions. One such innovation which has drastically changed our life is Personal computer. Personal computer has completely changed the way we do our things whether the sharing of files, sending and storage of data as well as host range of other activity. There are plenty of computer making companies in the world but no one can match the popularity and features of one computer i.e. Mac .

Mac is one of the most popular and leading personal computer developed by Apple Inc. It is one of the wizards in the personal computer business which is used by millions of users across the world. It is widely recognized for the unique design, excellent compatibility and amazing visual user interface for its user. Apart from that it has one of the coolest software in the form of IOS. But sometimes user does face issue while working on the Mac Computer, one of the common issue user face is regarding Mac not working on Wifi. User can take the help of technical support or follow these simple procedure to fix the problem on time.

· First of all, open your Mac and then go to the system preferences.

· Then select on the Network Icon and further click on Internet and wireless section.

· Now Under the Advanced button, user need to click at the lower right .

· Then under the Tcp/IP tab user need to configure IPV4.

· Again set Using DHCP in obtain IP address.

· User can also manually configure it to fix the issue.

This might fix the issue but there are certain problem too which a user's face while working on the Mac, one of the crucial issue user face is regarding how to install software on Mac. User can take the help of technical support or follow these simple procedure to fix the problem on time.

· User needs to first put the cursor the software they want to Install.

· Then double click the application file you have downloaded from Internet .

· Then right click on it and select open.

· Drag the application to the application folder.

· Delete the downloaded file once your done.

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